Board Room, Service and Resource Centre,
411 Dunsmuir Street, Nanaimo, BC

[Note:  This meeting will be live streamed and video recorded for the public.]

Welcome Jill Yuzwa and Angela Buick

Minutes of the Design Advisory Panel meeting held in the Boardroom of the Service and Resource Centre, 411 Dunsmuir Street, Nanaimo BC, on Thursday 2021-AUG-12.

A development permit application was received from Daryoush Firouzli Architecture Inc., on behalf of Carmague Properties Inc., for Phase 2 of an existing multi-family residential development at 6330 McRobb Avenue.  Phase 2 is a six-storey residential building (88 units) with underground parking.  The subject property is legally described as Lot 3, District Lot 48, Wellington District, Plan VIP78452.

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