Meeting #:
Board Room, Service and Resource Centre,
411 Dunsmuir Street, Nanaimo, BC

Minutes of the Governance and Priorities Committee held in the Boardroom, Service and Resource Centre, 411 Dunsmuir Street, Nanaimo, BC on Monday, 2019-JUL-29 at 1:00 p.m. 

To be introduced by Bill Corsan, Director, Community Development.

Purpose:  To provide the Governance and Priorities Committee with the findings of the Economic Development Function Service Model review and to seek direction on implementation.


1.  Allan Neilson, Principal, Neilson Strategies.

Recommendation:  That the Governance and Priorities Committee recommend that Council endorse the recommendations set out in the Economic Development Service Model (Final Report), specifically:

  1. That Council endorse an initial scope of services for the City’s new economic development function as outlined in the report;
  2. That Council endorse the In-House/City-Owned Agency Hybrid Model for the delivery of the City’s new economic development function;
  3. That Council, in accordance with the In-House/City-Owned Agency Hybrid Model, divide the scope of services between an in-house economic development group, operated by City Staff, and an arm's-length Nanaimo Prosperity Agency, incorporated and owned (primarily) by the City of Nanaimo, governed by an autonomous Board of Directors, and operated by its own staff.
  4. That Council assign the following initial scope of services to the in-house economic development group:
    1. The development of a new Nanaimo Economic Development Strategy;
    2. The formulation of Nanaimo-specific economic reports on economic activity, performance, trends, opportunities and needs;
    3. The provision of advice and assistance to existing and prospective businesses that must navigate City Hall to obtain permits, licenses and other permissions or information;
    4. Management of the City’s service contract with Tourism VI, as well as any future economic development related service contracts with external agencies; and
    5. The provision of input into the formulation of City policies for other departments and Council aimed at facilitating economic activity and investment.
  5. That Council assign the following initial scope of services to the City-Owned Agency:
    1. The implementation and maintenance of the Nanaimo Economic Development Strategy (once developed);
    2. The coordination of organizations with roles to play in the community’s ongoing economic development;
    3. Business attraction effectors, including the development and embodiment of a single Nanaimo Brand.
  6. That Council establish the Nanaimo Prosperity Steering Committee to oversee the creation of the new Nanaimo Economic Development Strategy, and to fully develop the ownership, funding, governance, staffing, and other elements of the City-owned Nanaimo Prosperity Agency; and
  7. That Council direct Staff to return to an upcoming Finance and Audit Meeting with a detailed business case for the new Economic Development Service Model.